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2019: Event 01

Student Kirsty Kwok shares her experience from training in CUHK to continuing her research studies at Erasmus MC. It is greatly encouraging to see the collaboration between Prof Martin Chan of CUHK and Prof Marion Koopmans of Erasmus MC go beyond a partnership between PIs.


“I did my MPhil in Dr. Martin Chan’s lab at the Department of Microbiology in CU Medicine in 2016-2018. My MPhil project was about the evolutionary dynamics of a re-emerging recombinant norovirus GII.P16-GII.2. I learned about the use of advanced molecular techniques and metagenomic next-generation sequencing to study human norovirus in the Chan lab. I also had the rewarding opportunities to present my work in international conferences (ECV 2016 in Germany and Epidemics in Spain) and on scholarly journals. These two years of laboratory training and networking opportunities have strengthened my interest in virology. Shortly after my MPhil, I have enrolled as a PhD student at the Department of Viroscience in the Erasmus MC to continue my journey on studying different viruses beyond norovirus. Watch out, viruses!”


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