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2018: Event 03
6 - 9

Hosted by LMU Munich, the second annual GAME meeting was successfully held in Munich, with the participation of Deans and Principle Investigators from member universities. Members gathered to review progresses on collaborative research projects and discuss new initiatives such as the establishment of an Alliance website and exchange programmes. 

A ceremony for the conferring of honorary professorships also took place and Prof Hans van Leeuwen, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, was presented with the title of Clinical Professor (honorary) by CUHK.

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Events - 20180220-21
2018: Event 02

The CUHK team of the Healthy Start Network project under GAME, led by Prof Ting-fan Leung (paediatrics), visited Sophia Children’s Hospital and Erasmus Medical Center (EMC) in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Team members include Prof Wing-hung Tam (obstetrics), Prof Ronald Ma (endocrinology and genomics), Prof Kelvin Tsoi (epidemiology), Prof Arthur Mak (child psychiatry) and Prof Kate Chan (paediatrics).

Prof Vincent Jaddoe, principal investigator of the successful Generation R cohort and project leader of the Healthy Start Network project, hosted a fruitful interactive meeting to discuss areas of possible collaboration between the two teams. CUHK members also visited the clinic suite of the Generation R cohort.

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2018: Event 01

An Erasmus MC delegation comprised of Prof Maikel Peppelenbosch, Professor of Experimental Gastroenterology and Head of the Laboratory of Gastroenterology and Hepatology; Prof Gwenny Fuhler, Associate Professor of the Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology; Mr Michiel Mommersteeg and Ms Suk Yee Lam, PhD students, made a return visit to CUHK to discuss possible research collaborations and student exchanges.


Research in microbiota and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) have been identified as areas of common interest and Prof Jun Yu, Director of Research Laboratory of the Institute of Digestive Disease; Prof Siew Ng and Prof Sunny Wong, Professors of the Department of Medicine & Therapeutics, CUHK, will be the main PIs in the upcoming collaborations.

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